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A compendium of AMBUSH® past collections as collateral capture of timelessness in form, function and conceptual artistry.

The history of human tools is both evolutionary and cultural. Kugi, meaning nail in Japanese, carries con- notations of compliance and conformity –– there is a well-known expression that “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down,” advising those who listen to adhere to strict societal norms and expectations. Such expressions may laden objects with a certain meaning but the nail is also a utilitarian instrument that enables construction and novel innovation. The AMBUSH® KUGI CHOKER channels the rebellious attitude of 50s youth, who wore found objects as a symbol of their own identity and as a protest against constraining societal expectations. Accordingly, the KUGI CHOKER reinterprets the nail as a symbol of individuality and independence, a celebration of the diverse and unique ways of being human. The decorative capacity and graceful flexibility of the nail are utilized to make an elegant and beguiling form, one deserving of its elevated position on the neck. This is a poetic take on the humble nail, embodying it with both grit and creativity, allowing it to act as an extension of one’s true self.