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AMBUSH® Artifact 004

An ode to young rebellion, the AMBUSH® HUES collection expresses an appreciation for truthful exchanges and new understandings. These ideas are embedded in coming of age narratives and there is nothing more iconic than the high school rite-of-passage. But in reality, we can graduate at any age and the HUES CHARM BANGLE revives and updates the raw potential of youth subculture. Charms have been worn for many purposes — as symbols of faith or allegiance, as talismans to attract good and ward off evil, or simply for aesthetic reasons. The curated collection of charms that adorn the HUES CHARM BANGLE is a studied depiction of how we experiment with our identity. The bangle revisits and reinterprets the familiar and the found — safety pins, skateboards, teddy bears, candies — that all speak to a defiant frame of mind. The purpose of these charms is to bring forward a sense of oneself into the world. Despite the impression of a youthful irreverence, the bangle offers a refined silhouette that balances a quirky naivety with a modern sensibility. The bangle’s gently crushed form embraces the wrist in a way that indicates a sense of transience — this piece is for the wearer whose relationship with their wardrobe is one of intuition and sentimentality.