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Can we rely on memory to inform us about the past? Or is a memory simply a co-creation between us and reality that emerges from the haze? The AMBUSH® NOBO 2018AW collection plays with childhood memories, which may shift, transform and be recreated, but continue to remain with us over time. Brimming with emotion, the collection asks us to think about ‘home’, not as a physical place, but as a feeling state of comfort that arises when we recollect certain images and thoughts from the dreamscape of our mind. The GLASS BEADS NOBO NECKLACE is a piece conjured up from such a place. The necklace carries a lingering sense of nostalgia, as if it has, in some capacity, really been with us forever. Colourful glass beads, in a variety of shapes and forms, string together sentimental reflections and images of a playful and uncomplicated past. But the necklace is utterly alive in the present moment, carrying contemporary charm and enigmatic style. Gold detailing creates a strong magnetism, and a draped silhouette frames the neck with whimsical elegance. The GLASS BEADS NOBO NECKLACE is a reshaped memory, recast for the current moment. It is one to keep close, for it perfectly serves us in the present.