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The Lei symbolizes the Hawaiian concept of aloha – love, appreciation, peace and respect. According to legend, the goddess Kuku’ena brought the seeds of the plants used in both Lei making and medicine to Hawaii, which became vital to the prosperity of the island and its people. The Lei is now recognized around the world, embodying a way of being that fuses ritual and nature with every aspect of daily existence. It speaks to the ebbs and flows of life, the transitory and fleeting nature of a flower in bloom, a wave, a birdsong. In our rapidly changing world, such objects are increasingly important for they reveal the power of recognizing and harnessing the beauty that surrounds us, as well as our ability to create a gift from it. With a poetic and playful touch, the AMBUSH® Lei necklace channels these ideas, and shows how emotion, intention and meaning is encapsulated in what we create and wear – we carry certain stories and histories around with us each day. Remaining true to the Lei’s original form with intricate and mesmerising detail, the necklace reimagines the flower garland into a striking accessory that emanates a powerful and magnetic aura.