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Cyber Week | Extra 20% off Sale
Cyber Week | Extra 20% off Sale


What exactly is a timeless classic? And who gets to define it? The Timeless Watch bracelet playfully pushes the boundaries of one of our most cliched turns of phrase. Although usually referring to tried and true pieces, texts or films –– the rare kind that remain unaffected by the twists and turns of social, cultural and political change –– this bracelet exchanges such an understanding for a more contemporary, fresh take. A classic wristwatch reimagined, the bracelet eschews mere pragmatism for a refined and sleek aesthetic that charms from every aspect and makes waves with its unconcerned attitude. Signature detailing and expert artisanship create an easy elegance that pairs well with any outfit. Classic is contextual –– it is what you choose to make it. So too is time, which is on the side of the wearer, who is free to walk to the beat of their own drum –– are they late? Or is everyone else simply early? As Albert Einstein once said, “Time is an illusion”, entirely relative, and the most important thing is what you choose to do with it as it passes.