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Nike x AMBUSH Air More Uptempo Low




【Regarding the Pre-Entry Raffle and Purchase of Items】

Nike x AMBUSH Air More Uptempo Low will be available at the AMBUSH® WORKSHOP on August 4th (Fri), 2023.

Upon the release, we will be holding an online pre-entry raffle.

Entries will be accepted from July 28th (Fri) 10:00 am JST, until July 31st (Mon) 11:59 pm JST.
【Available Stores】




【How to Enter Raffle】

【Regarding The Pre-Entry Raffle】

・Only 1 entry per person is accepted.

・All entries with the same name, email address, or contact information will be invalid.

・We will only notify the raffle winners on August 3rd (time TBD) via email.

・If you do not win, you will not receive an email.

・Entries cannot be sold, transferred, or otherwise shared with anyone else.

・Please note that winners of the raffle will be guaranteed entry to the store but will not be guaranteed a purchase.

・We may send AMBUSH® newsletters to the email address you provided upon entry.

・Entering a draw constitutes the entrant's full and unconditional agreement to the Terms and Conditions.
【Terms & Conditions Upon Purchase】

・All customers must present the actual email of notice visible on their smartphone (screenshots will not be accepted). Customers without the email visible on their smartphone will not be admitted entry.

・All customers must present a valid Photo-ID (all information on the ID should match the information submitted upon entry).

・Driver’s licenses, Passports, Individual Number Cards, and Physical Disability Certificates are the only accepted forms of identification. *Residence Cards, Basic Residence Registration Cards, and School ID’s will not be accepted.

・Please be sure to arrive 5 minutes prior to the designated time, and the staff will align the customers in order.

・We do not accept reservations, holding or delivery by phone.

・We follow payment methods in each store. Please check the payment method in each store/shopping website.

・We do not accept returns or exchanges.

・Customers whose name at the time of registration does not match all of the information on the ID presented at the store will not be allowed entry.

・Entries submitted on behalf of another person will be invalid. Under no circumstances can a substitute enter the store or make a purchase.

・Only one purchase for each color per person is admitted.

・Re-entries will not be admitted.

・Winners will be notified of details regarding entry to the store via email. Entries of customers who arrive later than the requested time will be invalid.

・Customers may be asked to wait outside of the store, depending on the level of congestion.

・We do not accept holding items and delivery by phone.

・We do not accommodate gift wrapping.

・We cannot disclose information on sold quantities of items.

・We will not be held responsible for any trouble between customers.

・All entries with the same name, email address, or contact information will be invalid.

・Please refrain from staying in the vicinity of the store for long hours, and behaving in a disruptive manner (customers who park on the street in the vicinity of the store will not be allowed entry).

・Other prohibited actions are as below. Customers who violate these regulations will be prohibited from purchase.

    - Smoking on the street while in line.

    - Sitting in line

    - Cutting the line

    - Not abiding by the instructions from store staff and/or security guards.

・Customers who refuse to oblige requests of the store staff may be declined entry into the store.