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Retro Bringback of the Nike Air Adjust Force with AMBUSH®



In a future-forward remake of Nike’s Air Adjust Force, AMBUSH® creative director and style icon YOON merges progressive nightlife culture with Nike’s history of performance footwear. Originally released in 1996, Air Adjust Force became a cult-favorite basketball sneaker, beloved for its customizable options. Adding bold AMBUSH® aesthetics, YOON has recontextualized the shoe as a symbol of subcultural collectivism and expression, elevating it as a modern take on sports performance footwear. 
The collaboration introduces Nike NITE SPORT, inspired by 1990s subculture. Bridging today with the era of the original Air Adjust Force, artworks created by Chris Ashworth of Ray Gun magazine bring the concept full circle. To kick off the mutli-faceted collaboration, YOON takes over NTS Radio for an 8-hour live radio broadcast from August 14 on
Nike Air Adjust Force x AMBUSH® BLACK and WHITE colorways launch at AMBUSHDESIGN.COM, AMBUSH® WORKSHOP, NIKE.COM/NIKELAB, AND NIKE DSMG from August 19.