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The AMBUSH® Surplus Sound System collection channels sound system culture with a distinct punk flair. Bold pieces recall the unique vibrancy of the movement which originated in the streets of Jamaica in the 1950s. Traveling to the UK, sound system culture merged with a burgeoning punk movement and gave rise to a unique culture of hybrid forces and shared symbols. The resulting style embodied an interrelated way of being –– a sound, a philosophy and an attitude –– that was based on a willingness to rebel against traditional conventions and express unconstrained diversity. Central to all of this was the vinyl record.
Producing a quality of sound that has never been eclipsed, the record has come to signify a pure and intense dedication to the creation of music. What we listen to and what we wear hints at who we are, connecting us with kindred spirits and unintended allies. With mesmerizing attention to detail, the AMBUSH® Record Earrings embody this highly charged energy and unconventional conviviality. They signal a deep affinity for an era that gave rise to endless possibilities — another pair of classics from a timeless collection.