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AMBUSH® Artifact 003

The ebb and flow of waves reflect the motions of our life, emotions that we channel through what we create and our choice of daily wear. AMBUSH®’s Spring/Summer 2019 WAVES collection embraces these undulations with a valorisation of nature and a celebration of the offerings of summer. An appreciation for a coastal lifestyle gives shape to pieces with sculpture-like forms that depict emblematic objects. A reinterpretation of the Hawaiian lei flower garland, the LEI FLOWER RING transforms a ritual offering of beauty into a striking accessory. Delicate flower motifs encase four fingers, adorning the wearer’s hand with a memento of the natural world. Flowers evoke a certain reverence—symbols of an ancient beauty, their fleeting nature is reflective of our own temporality. A flower has a multiplicity of meanings – symbols of affection, solidarity, grief and celebration – they are open for endless interpretation. But this ring is future-focused, and the design is inspired by a liberated approach and a romantic sensibility. As sculptor Constantin Brancusi quoted; “simplicity is complexity resolved”, the LEI FLOWER RING embodies his sentiment by expressing the radiance of nature in its essential form. The message it may carry is up to the vision of the wearer. SS19 WAVES I LEI FLOWER RING