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AMBUSH® Artifact 002

There is a moment in ‘The Breakfast Club’ that perfectly sums up the ambivalence of youth: “We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it.” Inspired by this iconic 80s film by John Hughes, AMBUSH® HUES Collection allows us to uncover ourselves. The CRUSH CAN EARRING evokes not-so-distant memories of dangling on the edge of innocence. The earring’s silhouette embodies a coming of age, suggesting a sense of self emerging from beneath the stereotypes placed upon us. But real liberation lies in non-conformity, and this earring is too playful to go unnoticed. Shifting into high gear, AMBUSH® Spring/Summer 2020 transcends youth subcultures in favor of a sleek, industrial design that refines experimental concepts with a technical edge. A functional essential is reimagined as the CLUTCH STRAP, a cylindrical accessory bag with a retro-futuristic inclination and highly polished exterior with minimum embellishment—we’ve grown up, or so we think. But we never quite grow out of coming-of-age stories — the themes are forever entangled with our personal narratives. Our heart is on our sleeve, so to speak, or at least this clutch is. SS20 CAN CLUTCH STRAP + SS18 CRUSH CAN EARRING