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A storied Roman luxury brand, a Tokyo-based fashion label and the most famous snake in the world come together to create “Serpenti Through the Eyes of Ambush”, a limited-edition handbags and accessories collection born of a special collaboration. “For this capsule collection I wanted to express the bold and contemporary character of Serpenti. Snakes are wondrous and fascinating creatures of nature but with Bvlgari they also became a symbol of glamour in constant evolution. Natural beauty meets human creation, all guided by a contemporary aesthetic.” ――YOON, AMBUSH Creative Director Taking the timeless Serpenti Forever bag, YOON reimagines an icon, bringing a unique style reflective of real-life experiences and accenting this with a distinctly high-end touch. Crafting 3 unique styles, the AMBUSH x BVLGARI collection consists of the Serpenti shoulder bag, the versatile Serpenti belt bag and the dangerously tempting Serpenti Minaudière, each adorned with a signature camouflaged snakehead motif closure. Inspired by the Tree Python of South East Asia, a species famed for its striking, artificial-looking colours and fascinating movements, each piece is characterized by vibrant colours, unbelievably soft shapes referring to the snake’s stunning natural beauty and a contemporary design, with this aesthetic extending further to a range of irresistible accessories. A heart-shaped coin case, card holders signed with the BVLGARI AMBUSH logo and a three-coil Serpenti bracelet in colored Nappa Leather with a metallic snakehead finish the collection with their cutting-edge flair. The collection will be available selected at Bvlgari stores worldwide and Bvlgari Online Store in early September.  @tylersphotos