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AMBUSH® Artifact 001

A compendium of AMBUSH® past collections as collateral capture of timelessness in form, function and conceptual artistry. In an age where self-expression is consequential, where do you stand? With our (selected) everyday items, we create a quiet revolution within a world beyond our control. A celebration of practicality embeds AMBUSH®’s HEADPHONE CHOKER and CASSETTE PLAYER CIG CASE in the everyday, yet unexpected materials imbue them with new meaning. The HEADPHONE CHOKER is an object of sonorous projection that stimulates the imagination. Purely sculptural, it offers a new form of decoration around the neck. The CASSETTE PLAYER CIG CASE sees the recreation of the iconic cassette player: the classic portable device nostalgic to the 90’s era and lovers of music that will forever be immortalised in history for an ingenuity of ownership and control. Although now obsolete, the silhouette — and everything it stands for — is recreated as a shell for reimagined use as a cigarette case or accessory bag. Beneath the sturdy exterior, velvet lining ensures a solicitous disposition, and the addition of a functional belt clip hints at a playful attitude. Gold is commanding, but the case’s rectilinear structure is obliging, not unyielding. Through embodying transformation while expressing a sentimentality for another time, these objects reclaim representation. Offering a new stance, they reference the past and reimagine the future for a new generation. SS17 STANCE|HEADPHONE CHOKER + CASSETTE PLAYER CIG CASE