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When the cassette tape burst onto the music scene now almost 60 years ago, it shaped the way that music came to be used and consumed. There is no underestimating the influence of this small, compact, rectangular and rather magical invention, for it revolutionised music for the masses. The cassette tape made music portable – people could take music out of their lounge rooms, into the car and with the help of the now nostalgic Sony Walkman, into their pockets. It also allowed anyone to record, and with this, many musical dreams were realised out of suburban basements. The cassette tape symbolised a coming of age – a total dedication to and democratisation of the mystical and manifold worlds of sound. The AMBUSH® CASSETTE TAPE MOTIF EARRINGS speak to the power of this mid-century invention, recognising its continued effect on us today. But it also celebrates an often-overlooked aspect of the cassette tape: it’s design. Practical and pragmatic the CASSETTE TAPE MOTIF EARRINGS charm with their unassuming but elegant form. This is enhanced by gold detailing which emphasises and embellishes a streamline, and striking, silhouette. On a more symbolic level, these earrings celebrate a hopeful sense of collective self-identity that is formed when everyone has the opportunity to play their favourite song.