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There is a famous Japanese proverb that states “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down”. People usually take this to mean that it is difficult, if not impossible, to be yourself, and that any deviance from normative ideals will be met with resistance. The smoothest way to move through society is to stick to what is expected. The AMBUSH® SS2016 HALBSTARKE collection exists in stark contrast to these hegemonic beliefs. The collection celebrates those who stick out, who refuse to submit, whose courage lies in being so totally themselves. Call it punk, subversive, rebellious, reactionary or revolutionary – these are simply terms for a certain kind of spirit that refuses to adhere to other people’s expectations and constraints. But it is also important to take from our traditions ideas that hold meaning for you. The KUGI EARRING does this. It takes its inspiration from the humble nail and celebrates it for its fierce and powerful beauty. Reimagined into a striking accessory, the KUGI EARRING commands attention with its strong silhouette and eye-catching motif. In its essence, the nail, just like a person, is surprisingly resilient, changeable and multivalent, and has the potential to fulfil any number of different destinies.